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About Us

Why We Created This: WeatherVideoHD.TV (aka WeatherVideo4K.TV) is designed and operated by FMA, Inc., headquartered in Fort Collins, CO. For over three decades, FMA staff have engaged in basic and applied research in the atmospheric sciences, but also the dissemination of the results through the media and informal public science education vehicles. In producing our multiple award-winning DVDs, A Fantasia for Clouds and the Hundred Year Hunt for the Red Sprite (produced for the National Science Foundation), we realized that much of our footage was also in great demand by the media, fellow researchers and educators. In addition to our massive library of scientific footage, we work with fellow researchers, storm chasers and others who enthusiastically collect visuals about our favorite topic - the weather. So the idea was born: why not create a website that met the needs of the many producers, educators and writers who need such visuals? In the process, we also would provide a platform whereby other photographers and videographers, and especially our research colleagues, can make their assets available for licensing at attractive rates and terms, greatly simplifying some of their requirements for public dissemination and outreach activities.

The Head Weather Guy: The site was founded by Walt Lyons, Ph.D., Certified Consulting Meteorologist. He has over 40 years experience as a university faculty member, researcher for agencies as diverse as NSF, DARPA, NASA and NOAA along with a two-decade career in broadcast meteorology (WCCO, KSTP, WLS, Good Morning America). He is a Fellow and Past President of the American Meteorological Society. He produced The American Meteorological Society Journal series broadcast on ResearchChannel.

The Head IT Guy: Robert Gobeille has made all the database and website mechanics come together. He works for one of the world's largest computer companies during the daylight hours and on this website and cataloging system at night. In his free time he likes to shoot videos for local non-profit organizations. Not sure when he sleeps.

Our Contributors: The site contains curated video and photo offerings from leading atmospheric science researchers as well as several of the best sky photographers active today. And the collection grows daily!

The Resources: We specialize in time lapse footage of weather, including the vast parade of weather phenomena along the Colorado Front Range. We have been taping since the earliest days of S-VHS and with current acquisitions using BMPCC, Panasonic HVX-200, Nikon D810, Canon 5D MarkII and III, Sony a7S, and the Lumix GH4. And...most new footage is 4K. Low-light footage acquired using Xybion, Watec and Toshiba systems. Already we have >30 terabytes of 4K and HD footage and thousands of stills (35mm scans and digital photos) ready for use in meteorological education and distance learning, the media and print. We interact with many researchers employing state-of-the art tools like the Phantom High Speed Camera, and, of course, the storm chaser community who get shots you have to see to believe. We already offer over ten thousand 4K and HD video clips, photographs and illustrations. These include graphics in cooperation with the American Meteorological Society from their books, including the AMS Weather Book. Each contribution is curated and includes online descriptions and metadata so you know exactly what you are working with.

Please check the other Site links which allow you to contact us, understand the terms and conditions of using this site, explore its many features, explain the terms of our licenses, and how we protect your privacy - and how you can contribute your own weather visuals to our marketplace.

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