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Discounts for Educators
and Weathercasters

Thousands available at a nominal service charge
If you certify that you are eligible for special educator/weathercaster/National Weather Service staff prices and license, you agree to the following terms. Please read carefully before agreeing. If you qualify for this special licensing, update your account information .
Qualifying for a Special Educator/Weathercaster Price and License

WeatherVideoHD.TV and our partners, including the American Meteorological Society, wish to promote both formal and informal science education in the atmospheric sciences. In addition to our conventional (commercial and non-educational use) royalty free licenses, we are providing certain assets so indicated at greatly reduced pricing (often just a service charge) to those who meet the following conditions. If your planned use of the asset changes with time, you are welcome to upgrade from a special to a conventional license simply by reordering at the conventional price. All web site Terms & Conditions and Licenses still apply, but with the following exceptions:


  • For classroom teachers in any non-profit educational institution (K16, graduate school or institute).
  • For use ONLY within classroom and public lectures (not for text books, distance learning, exhibits, etc.). We now also extend this courtesy to National Weather Service staff for their use in public safety presentations.
  • Assets may not be redistributed by any means, including print, a collection or document on CD/DVD, or any electronic methods, in displays or exhibits, including distribution over the Internet in any way. One exception would be password protected Internet access to course materials by students enrolled in the class being taught. A copyright notice should be included.
  • License valid for one faculty member and/or one course and/or one department. Departmental faculty can use the same asset in multiple courses. Or the asset can be used in presentations of the same course by different faculty members. But the special discounted price is just for your department use only...not the entire college or university (in other words, please don't hand out the asset to every faculty member on campus!) If a course is jointly taught by two departments, the license resides with the department purchasing the license.
  • The special offer is NOT available for students (though TA's working under your direction are welcome to use them in classroom lectures they may present for you). Students, however, are free to download the watermarked comp/screener versions at no cost.
  • Not sure what you wish to do qualifies? Just contact us. We're here to help.


  • For use within any regularly scheduled local newscast, or emergency weather cut-in.
  • Distribution is permitted by the following means: over the air, cable, satellite, web streaming of the newscast, OTT or similar distribution means.
  • Use is also permitted in public lectures (such as classroom visits).
  • For use within one broadcast facility only; different markets in a broadcast group require individual licenses.
  • National cable or broadcast network use requires a conventional license (contact us about special exceptions for news coverage)
  • You will require a conventional license if you wish to use the asset in the following manner: in station or program promotions, special programming (annual severe weather special, etc.), in station calendars, almanacs or handout materials, any Internet distribution (such as blogs) or apps (other than streaming newscasts.)

Questions? Just Contact us. We will be happy to clarify any "gray" areas.

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