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Ordering and Delivery Options

Our ordering process hopefully is as straightforward as possible. But here are a few tips you might find useful in utilizing the website's features.

To order, you must both be a Registered User. Click on "Login" in the upper right of the page.

After using the powerful search features [see our help section on "Search Tips" to find just what you are looking for, here is how you obtain your license.

First, you need to place one or more items in the Shopping Cart [Cart]:

After a search and selection of an asset (mouse over the thumbnail and click), the Preview page will show a still image or play a video clip (Note: for many videos, stills will also appear at the bottom of the page). From the Ordering Options table, elect the size/format of video clip desired by clicking on the red shopping cart icon. If you wish to order a still, click the shopping cart icon for either (1) one of several pre-set sizes, or (2) customize your own image size below the Ordering Options table. Just type in the desired image size using any field, press return, and the then place the item in the shopping cart.

From a Review Bin
If you have been collecting potential downloads in one or more Review Bins, click on "View Your Review Bins." Thumbnails in the first Review Bin will appear (if you have more than one, just select it in the "Change View To" pull down menu and press "Go" to display another review bin). Once the assets are displayed, just mouse over and click on the thumbnail, and make your selection from the Preview page for that asset which will appear.

From a Comp/Screener
If you download any Comps or Screeners, we suggest you make it a practice to create a separate Review Bin for those. This way you can easily locate them. Order as described above. Also, every asset has a 4 or 5 number ID that appears in the URL. You may just type that number into the 1. Simple Search field and click on "search" to locate the asset. Click on the thumbnail to reach the Preview Page with the Ordering Option.

Your shopping cart will just keep adding items until you actually make a purchase. (You can delete individual items from the Shopping Cart just by clicking on "Remove Item"). To add additional items, you can hit "Click here to continue shopping" on the upper right of the ordering panel.

Note: If you plan multiple uses of the same clip or image, you need not license individual sizes or formats. Just order the highest resolution required, and you are then free to downsize, reformat or extract a still from that version of your licensed digital asset). That's what is so nice about royalty free: buy once, use many, many ways.

Note: We have eliminated our multi-seat "Extended" license category. All licenses are "standard" or the Special Educator/Weathercaster option.

"Download Only. No DVD"
Once you finish the ordering process and your credit card is accepted, you will immediately be able to download each clip. But note the sizes of the items ordered. Some 4K and HD video clips can be really large. Thus we do have a "snail mail" option.

"USB drive shipping inside the USA"
For a flat rate of $19.95 we will write your order off to a USB thumb drive, and send it via FedEx anywhere in the US of A. We will make every attempt to ship within 48-96 hours (unless we are out on a shoot) and we will send you a tracking number once shipped. On the ordering page you will need to provide a phone number as that is required by FedEx. If we use a thumb drive, we will ask for its return and provide a stamped, self addressed envelope for your convenience.

"USB drive shipping outside the USA"
The same, except the charge will be a flat rate of USD $39.95.

Make sure everything is as you want it. If not, hit "Click here to continue shopping" at the upper left of the ordering panel. Done? OK... once you have all the buttons selected, choose one of two payment option:

"Check Out with Pay Pal"
If you already have a Pay Pal account, click on this button on the bottom of the Shopping Cart, and follow your normal procedures for this method of payment.

"Proceed to Checkout using your credit card"
You may use your Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express card. We use Pay Pal's merchant account service, but you need not be a PayPal user yourself. Customers electing to use Purchase Orders or pre-paid accounts, will see special options.

Once you have elected the payment method, this will bring you to the Checkout page. BTW: Can't use a credit card? We can easily (though offline) can arrange for payment using POs, direct invoicing, bulk purchases plan or whatever method best suits your needs. Considerable discounts available for larger orders. Contact us at Walt.Lyons@WeatherVideoHD.TV for details.

Discounts: We have a wide range of discounts and special offers. If there are several applicable to your account for a given asset, you will will be automatically granted the largest discount for which you are eligible. You can not, however, be awarded multiple discounts for a given asset. Both the list and discounted price will be shown in the shopping cart.

In Checkout, enter the requested information (including phone number if a DVD/USB drive has been ordered). Then press on the "Review Order and Confirm" button at the bottom of the checkout page.

This will take you to the next stage of Checkout showing your customer number, order number and the order details. Yes, you will still see watermarks on the thumbnails, but these are removed upon final delivery. If A-OK, then, click on the big yellow "Place Your Order Button."

The next page is your Receipt (you can print this, but we will also send you this info via email). BUT....how do you obtain your purchased item(s)?

  • If you ordered a USB drivge, it will arrive in 3-7 business days in most locations.
  • Or, for instant gratification, hit the yellow "Click here to download your purchase." This takes you to the Purchase Pickup Area for your account. Your most recent order(s) will be at the top of this page. Simply hit the yellow "Click to Download" text and the file will go where your browser is directed to send the download.
  • Even if you ordered a DVD, you are still enabled to download any licensed assets (maybe the smaller files?) if you so wish.
You will also receive a confirmation email from us with a summary of your ordering information. You may click on the link on the email to Download licensed items as well.

Some tips:

  • We will make every attempt to leave your licensed asset available on the Pickup Purchase Area page for at least a year. If the electronic gremlins somehow remove them, contact us and we will resend the item.
  • Anytime you wish to see your licensed items, go to "Find Your Licensed Assets" in the "Mini-Cloud" at the top right of the page.
  • If you want a history your account's orders, go to "Order History" in the "Mini-Cloud" at the top right of the page. Your orders will be posted, latest at the top. Click on "View" to display the order details.

Any suggestions to improve site navigation and the ordering process will be graciously accepted. Just Contact Us.


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