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Privacy issues are very important to us and we are committed to protecting any personal information you entrust with us. Many portions of our Site may be used without you registering or providing us with any personal information. However, in order to utilize services such as light boxes, actually licensing of Digital Assets, receiving requested email notifications and promotions, you will need to provide us with the required personal/company information in order for us to serve you better. All information provided by you to us is voluntary. We take those necessary and reasonable actions to insure any personal information you provide us in the course of conducting your transactions is kept safe. We will never sell, rent, share or provide to third parties for commercial reasons any personal or business information that you entrust to us without your explicit permission. If so compelled, we may share such personal information to be compliance with a court order or legal process. There are several places on the Site where you may opt in, or out, of providing information for such items as email newsletters, sharing review bins, telling a colleague, etc. You may update or delete your registration information. If you do register an account, we will retain a record of such and the relevant information required for license compliance purposes. When you visit our Site we do employ "cookies" to track non-personal information in order to better understand how our Site is being used so we may continue to improve upon it. This non-personal information is only used in statistical aggregates and will not be traced back to any individual user. Please read this policy carefully, as we will describe how we collect, use and, if ever required by law, disclose information about you. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Herein, the term "us", "we," "Site" or "the Company" refers to www.WeatherVideoHD.TV (a dba of FMA, Inc. and "you" refers to you personally and/or your affiliated business or organization on whose behalf you are visiting the Site.

Your Consent to Our Collection of Your Personal or Organizational Information
Protecting Your Personal Information
Access to Your Personal or Organizational Information
Collection of Non-Personal Information
Opt In and Opt Out
Information Requests
Links to Other Websites
Third Party Emails
Restriction of Use by Minors
Can We Tell the World that You Are a Customer?
Questions About Our Privacy Policy?
Changes to the Privacy Policy

The headings for the sections herein are for convenience only and shall not affect the meaning of the provisions of this Agreement.

Your Consent to Our Collection of Your Personal or Organizational Information
You may visit our Site and use many of its features without providing us with any personal information about yourself. By using certain functions of the Site which require that you voluntarily provide certain requested information to us, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure (such as for credit card processing and shipping) of your personal or business information only to the extent necessary to conduct the transactions authorized or provide the information requested. However, if you wish to conduct transactions or request information for yourself or third parties, you voluntarily consent to provide that information which shall only be used for the purposes indicated. Collected personal and business information may include but not be limited to the following items:

  • your member (login) name and password, name and organization, mailing (and if different, shipping) address, email address, and fax/phone/cell/mobile device number(s)
  • information required for purchasing items or licenses including your credit card type and number, expiration date, security codes, listed billing addresses and telephone number
  • email addresses of those with whom you wish to share review bins or to inform about our services (these will not be saved by us)
  • the catalog number of video or still image products selected for delivery or download for review bins, as comps and/or for purchase of license.
  • Requested background information about you when subscribing to blogs, newsletters and promotional emails.

These data may be used for some of the following functions: creation and maintenance of your account, credit card transaction processing using merchant accounts, delivery of digital files using third party services or physical media using mail or express package services, responding to customer service and information requests, maintaining a record of your review bins, comp downloads, or purchases and contact information for license compliance purposes, providing requested information and news on a periodic basis on an opt in basis, communicating information regarding billing, payments and delivery of items purchases and similar functions. All information is stored on computers within the United States of America.

In the event for any reason of the sale, merger or acquisition of our company and/or all or portions of its assets, information regarding previous purchases and necessary contact information required for license compliance purposes will be transferred to the new entity. You will be informed of any such change using the contact information you have placed on our system.

Protecting Your Personal Information
Your account information is protected using an encrypted password. We request that you follow accepted norms to assist us in maintaining your security. Please never provide your password to anyone that does not have a reason to access your account on this Site. Please change your password from time to time. It is your responsibility to protect your user name and password. Store these in a location not accessible to others. If you use a computer to which non-authorized users or the public may have access, be sure to close your browser window and clear the history. If you forget your user name or password, the Site contains functionality for you to elect a new one of your choosing. We will never call or email you requesting your password or any other personal or business information. If you receive such a solicitation, please contact us immediately via abuse@WeatherVideoHD.TV. Please note that all credit card information requested on ordering forms is encrypted using secure socket layer (SSL) tools. A high level of security is maintained on our servers behind firewalls. However, please remember that before reaching our systems, such as when using unprotected wireless systems, there is a small but non-zero chance that your information can be intercepted. While we make great efforts to use the most appropriate means to protect your personal and financial information, we, like other sites, can not provide a guarantee of absolute security. Please exercise the appropriate cautions. We will normally store your credit card information in our system only for the period of time required to complete and verify your transaction, unless your request we maintain it in our system for your convenience. Thus, for subsequent transactions you will need to re-enter your credit card information, unless you request otherwise. An exception to this would be if you establish a prepaid account using a credit card. This information will then be retained until (1) the period for which purchases have been authorized has expired, (2) the total amount of funds authorized has been expended, or (3) the credit card data has expired. If you download a comp clip or image, create and/or distribute a review bin, or make a purchase of video or still image assets, we will retain relevant information about what was delivered or purchased and how to contact you in order to be able to pursue any remedies in the event of violation of the license or terms or use of the Site. Be advised information about you may be disclosed in the event we are compelled to comply with a legal process, including a court order, subpoena, search warrant, or other law enforcement or national security interests.

Access to Your Personal or Organizational Information
You may review, edit or delete your online account information at any time by using your password protected account access. The exception would be our internal records of previous sales and contact information required for license compliance purposes, or the sharing of review bin files with third parties. If you have questions or special requests, please contact us at customer.service@WeatherVideoHD.TV.

Collection of Non-Personal Information
As with any e-commerce web site, we will collect additional non-personal information in order to serve you better and more completely define our customer base. We do use "cookies," which are small text files that your web browser leaves on your hard drive, allowing us to recognize you as an ongoing user of our Site, to allow you to review any order history, access previously saved review bins, and similar functions. You will need to have "cookies" enabled in your browser in order to efficiently use the ordering and purchasing functions of our Site. When you navigate through the Site, the information we collect is anonymous and we use it in aggregate form to better improve our service to our visitors. Any statistics and information derived will not in any way identify any specific customer. Some of the information which may be collected when you visit our Site may include your IP address, Internet Service Provider, the website that referred you to us, your browser type and version, date and time of your visit(s), search words used and navigational information such as the amount of time spent on our Site, and on what pages, links clicked upon, clips and images viewed, and whether you used features such as downloading comps, tell a friend or share selections placed in your Review Bin(s) with a third party. We do not employ cookies to monitor your Internet activities before or after leaving our Site.

Opt In and Opt Out
We request that you provide us your email address in order to subscribe to our periodically distributed email announcements of new holdings, special offers, or other news which you may find of interest. You may opt out at any time by going to the Site. Each email or newsletter will also have an opt out link. Such email addresses will remain secure and confidential and in no way be provided to outside parties for any reason whatsoever. If you elect not to receive our promotional or marketing communications, you may still continue to receive from us any necessary communications regarding the status of your account or licenses acquired.

Requests for Information
We stand by to answer email inquires about our services. We will maintain a file of such requests and replies for a reasonable period of time in order to be sure we can provide complete and appropriate responses to your request for information. Such email addresses will remain secure and confidential and in no way be provided to outside parties for any reason whatsoever.

Links to Other Websites
This privacy policy is only in force at www.WeatherVideoHD.TV. Our Site does contain hyperlinks to other web sites, which likely have different privacy policies, over which we have no control. When visiting one of these linked websites, please familiarize yourself with their privacy policies. We can not assume any responsibility for the policies or practices of such linked sites nor the fate of any information you may provide to them.

Third Party Emails
There are several reasons we may request and you voluntarily provide the name and email address of one or more third parties. In making a request to send samples from the Review Bin or to use the Tell a Colleague feature, you entrust us with this additional information. We will only use these data for the purpose intended and remove it from our system thereafter. We will request the third party, if they so desire, to consent to our keeping their information for use in future mailings or other services, but this is solely at the discretion of the third party. This information will not be provided in any form to outside parties for any reason.

Restriction of Use by Minors
In no way do we solicit or collect personal information from those under the age of 18 (in most jurisdictions) with or without the consent of parents. Any visitor under the age 18 shall not purchase products from the Site nor submit any information to this Site. Any person under 18 who wishes to download comps or purchase licenses must have this done by a parent or legal guardian on their behalf.

Can We Tell the World that You Are a Customer?
It is customary for many businesses such as ours to publish lists of those organizations with which they do business. During your check out for a license purchase, we will assume you and/or your institution have granted us permission to list your name as a valued client unless you explicitly opt out. In no case will we disclose any information about the nature of any acquisitions by you. If at some later time, you wish your name to removed from our published client list, please inform us in writing via email to info@WeatherVideoHD.TV. We will remove your name from our Site within 30 days.

Questions About Our Privacy Policy?
We take your concerns seriously. If you have questions, comments or complaints regarding our privacy policies (or anything else that bugs you), or even to say nice things to us, please contact:

Walter A. Lyons, President
FMA, Inc. (dba www.WeatherVideoHD.TV)
4022 Rock Creek Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80528 USA
Email: Walter.Lyons@WeatherVideoHD.TV
Phone: send email to request number to call
(Please restrict calls to Mon-Fri, 10 am - 5 pm Denver Time. Thank you.)

Changes to the Privacy Policy
The most recent update posted to the Site represents the policy in force. Please check from time to time for any changes that may be of interest to or affect you before using the services of the Site. We will make our best efforts to maintain all user information securely. You agree to release and hold harmless www.WeatherVideoHD.TV for any damages arising out of any failure of such efforts on our part. This privacy policy may be updated from time to time without notice to you.

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