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How to Use Review Bins

Since our site provides both video and stills, a Review Bin combines a Light Box and a Clip Bin, where you can park thumbnails of any asset for which you have a potential interest in purchasing a license. They are saved indefinitely. And, if desired, you share them with third parties. You can place almost an unlimited number of thumbnails in a Review Bin. And you can also have multiple Review Bins. This feature is very helpful because:

  • You need a place to park clips or stills that have caught your eye
  • If you are working on multiple projects, you can have a Review Bin for each
  • You can also share any Review Bin with a client, sponsor or colleague, allowing them to participate in your creative process

To create, save and share one or more Review Bins, you must first Register as an account owner, and thereafter Login to your account. There is NO charge to use this feature.

The Process:
After a search, when reviewing an asset on a Review Page, click on "Add to Review Bin." BUT if you have created more than one Review Bin, first use the menu to select the Review Bin's name that is the thumbnail destination. You can just keep adding thumbnails to any bin as they catch your eye.

Accessing, Creating, Deleting Sharing Review Bins:
If you have existing Review Bins, access them by clicking on "View Your Review Bins" on the upper right of the page. For additional actions, click on "Create/Manage Your Review Bins." on the upper left of the page. You must be logged in to use this feature.

If you wish to create a new Review Bin, click on "Create/Manage Your Review Bins" on the upper left of the page. ou must be logged in to use this feature. Once on the Review Bin Properties page, follow the instructions or just explore (don't worry, you can't break it.) This may look more complicated than it actually is:

Under Name, type in the name to create your first Bin. Hit UPDATE. If you want another, type in the name in the blank space, and hit UPDATE. To delete a given Review Bin, check on the Delete box and hit UPDATE. The number of thumbnails in each Review Bin is tallied for your convenience.

IF you wish to share a Review Bin, click on the share box, and hit UPDATE. The URL that appears allows you to share it with anyone. Just cut and paste the URL into an email and send it. Or, open the Review Bin page by clicking on the URL and use your browser's Send Link feature. The recipient does NOT have to be a registered user on WeatherVideoHD.TV. The recipient can open the page and click on any thumbnail and see the Preview page and databank for each asset included.

We think this is a pretty handy feature. We hope you do as well.

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