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Search Tips

Our powerful search tools will make it easy for you to find what you need. We have six different ways to look for things, from the very simple, to the rather advanced. The 6th way, by the way, is to just email us and ask. We are always very happy to help you find what you need (and at no cost to you.)

But we recognize there are two major classes of site users: (1) those searching for generic footage or images which may have certain characteristics (size, color, duration), and (2) those who are looking for very specific examples of atmospheric phenomena. Thus, search criteria can be mixed and matched to meet both needs. Please also make note of the type of clearances that are applicable and any usage restrictions (creative vs. editorial), etc. All licenses currently offered are royalty free.

Search: The left side search panel can be used five ways. Note: you can view any combination of video/photos/graphics, and also sort for only those with educator/weathercaster discounts. (See, "Refine Your Search" at the top of the left hand side search panel).

*First, into the (1) "Simple Search" field, just type in any key word(s), and if they are contained in any asset metadata, including any descriptions or data about the asset, then those thumbnails will appear. If you are looking for something very specific (say, "Devil's Tower") you will find images containing that geological feature. Type in something overly general, such as "clouds" ... .well, let's just say that really is not a good idea! If you know the 4 or 5 digit asset number, type in and click on search, and you will be taken to its Preview Page.

*Second, use our (2) "Category Search." In the second option, we have grouped all our assets into 19 major categories. Each of these have very detailed subcategories. The best way to understand the power of this feature is just to play with it. You need an image of a Circumhorizontal Arc, start with "Atmospheric Optics & Colors" and then in the sub-menu, click on "Circumhorizontal Arc." Voila!

*Third, we have created for your viewing pleasure a number of (3) "Featured Collections." These are suggested items, sort of a Greatest Hits list, for some of our most popular items. But note, there are many more times the number of entries for each of the topics displayed. Use the other Search option to see them all.

*Fourth, you may also look up all the submissions by specific contributors, in (4) "Search by Contributor." These may be individuals such as Tim Samaras, Tom Warner, Alan Sealls, Tony Laubach or Ken Eis. Or they may be organizations such as The American Meteorological Society.

*Fifth, we have a tool for the real power user, (5) "Advanced Search." This takes you to another search panel entirely. Here you can combine searches for key word topics, along with sorting for such items as geography, the season, time of day, the resolution of a video clip, whether time lapse or high speed footage, etc. Give it try. Just start pressing buttons. You can't break it. You will soon get the hang of how easy it is to dig up exactly the photo or clip you need. Not your cup of tea? You can revert to the original panel by clicking on "Switch to Normal Search" at the bottom or just returning to the home page.

Clear Form: In "Advanced Search" perhaps you just have too many items selected and want to start fresh ... just click this button to wipe the slate clean and start assembling new search criteria.

I'm Interested in: In "Advanced Search", if you want just stills or video clips, or both, select using the pull down menu. *Keep in mind stills are generated from most video clips, and these are also available. They tend to be under 3 megapixels in size, so if you want stills that did not originate as video screen shots, select "Stills over 3 Mpix." *Graphics refer to images that did not begin life as a photograph, but rather line art, drawings, CGI, etc.

Advanced Categories: Take a minute of two to scan over the many sub-topics in each pull down list. And note that if you want to explore any topic in a top level category, say, "Lightning," then the first item on each pull down menu will retrieve ALL subtopics in that group. You may select multiple items from one or more pull down menus.

You may wish to make note of the "Sky Moods" sub-topic. These are subjective descriptions (sunny, threatening, scary, turbulent, etc.) that might be useful in narrowing your searches.

Match Any/All of the Above: This is a very helpful tool to broaden or narrow your search.

AND also: Once you have selected from the Advanced Categories items, you may further refine you search.

Geography: If you are looking for a specific type of scenery, such as assets containing mountains or coastlines, try this. (If looking for a specific state or country, type that name into the Search window at the top of the panel.

Season: The images are tagged by one the four seasons, or N/A, if they are not seasonally relevant.

Day Time: The time of day - or night - may be important to you. If you are looking for those "golden hour" shots, then select from sunrise, sunset, or late afternoon.

POV: The Point-of-View helps you select images which, say, have only sky, or also landscapes. Interested in shots from tall buildings (aerial), aircraft or space only? Then you can sort here.

Ambiance: Looking for a clip or image with a lot of red, or green, or gold? Our categorizations are admittedly subjective, but they should help you refine your search if this is one of your requirements.

Asset ID: Each video clip, photograph or graphic has a unique 4 or 5 digit Asset ID number. If you happen to know that number, you will need to go back to the home page search panel. Type that into the "Simple Search" which will then pull that up on a Preview Page, from which you can also order.

Video only:

Minimum duration ___ secs: Just type in the number of seconds that a clip must equal or exceed. Note: almost all video clips are at least 10 seconds in length.

Master Clip Type: If you wish video clips only that were acquired in HD, select here. Other formats (4K, 720p) can be retrieved here as well. If you select nothing here, any video clip, regardless of acquisition format, will appear in the search results. Hint: if 4K is what you need, you can see all our offerings by typing 4K into the 1. Simple Search field and hitting search.

Frame Rate: This refers to the frame rate of the video acquisition system. This is especially useful if you are looking only for time lapse or high speed videos.

Ideas and suggestions? If you have a thought on how we can further enhance your experience on this web site, let us know. We are constantly planning new revisions and enhancements, and all input will be graciously accepted.

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