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Anyone is free to browse the Site and peruse the many video clips and images by using the several search functions. By visiting and exploring the Site, please note you do implicitly agree to the Site's Terms and Conditions for the Use of This Site .

If you are on a mission - to find just the right clip or photo for your project - then Registering and Opening an Account provides you with a number of benefits. Several of these are:

  1. Newsletter Subscription: With your consent, we will send you occasional (roughly monthly) updates detailing the new resources and capabilities being added to the Site, which may be of interest to you. You may Opt Out of the email newsletter at any time.
  2. Review Bins: We have thousands of clips and pictures, with more being added every day. In searching our database, we hope you will find many items of potential interest for one or more projects. Many stock web sites have light boxes (for stills) or clip bins (for video). Since we provide both we have.... Review Bins. Just click and add the poster frame to a bin. Or if you are multi-tasking, you may have more than one Review Bin. If you continued registered, we will keep the Review Bin open for at least 12 months. You may also add and delete assets at any time from any bin.
  3. Share Your Review Bins: It gets better. Suppose you have a number of ideas for a project, and you want to share them with a colleague or client. You may share the URL for your private Review Bin page(s).
  4. Download and Share "Comps": We have removed the requirement to be registered to download - at no cost - watermarked, lower resolution samples of a video clip or picture you may be seriously considering. You may then try these out in layouts and time lines to see if they might do the job. You may also share these complementary copies with clients or colleagues. You both agree not to retain these "comps" in your systems for more than six months. Please see the License for Download and Use for all the details.

Any personal information provided in an Account is kept secure and not shared with any third parties. See our Privacy Policy for the details.

When the time comes to actually acquire a license and download one or more Digital Assets, if you are already Registered, then you need merely add payment information during the Check Out process, and you're good to go.

If you have not previously Registered, since we are selling licensed media, you will need to register at this point in order to make a purchase. Purchasing a license also retains and activates these site features:

  • Order history. View your previous orders.
    • Review Bins
    • Multiple Review Bins. Create a separate review bin for each project.
    • Persistent Review Bins. Your review bins will be there day after day (for at least 12 months).
    • Sharable Review Bins. You can share your review bins with whomever you wish. Just give them the bin URL.
  • Retrieve lost clips. If you lose a clip you previously purchased, you can download it again from your order history (guaranteed for at least 12 months after purchase).

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